10 Ways To Keep Yourself From Emptying Your Wallet


We all know that saving money is extremely difficult especially for those who enjoy living an extravagant and “one-day millionaire” lifestyle.

Whether you’re still a university student or already working, it’s not too late nor too early to save for your future endeavors or unexpected bills. The real world is full of twist and turns which only makes more sense to prepare and get ready to hit a lot of bumps and finally run back on a smooth financial track.

Saving is a handy skill — and an important one. However, not everyone’s gifted with such control and self-discipline. Learn and keep yourself from spending another cent for things you don’t need and instead, save it for something better for the future.

Ways to save more and spend less:

  1. Skip coffee. We all know you’re not a morning person and coffee really helps you kick your morning but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run to your favorite coffee shop and buy a venti Frappuccino, or a hot mocha beverage. Mix your coffee at home in your thermos and bring it to your office instead. If you already have a coffee mixer at your office, even better.
  1. Prepare your meals. Instead of buying your lunch from a fast food chain or having your lunch in a fancy restaurant, home cook your meals for a healthier delight — and cheaper even! Also, creating your meal plan for a week saves you more from your spontaneous grocery shopping.
  1. Give your car a rest. Take the public transportation on your way to work or school once or twice a week. Not only will it cut your gas expenditure but the road fees as well. If you can, ride a bike or if you’re near your destination, take a walk. Go on and boost your physical activity every once in awhile.
  1. Drop your gym membership. Really, a lot of exercise can be done at home. If you don’t have a treadmill, lace up your shoes and run outside. Use your stairs, chair, jump rope and other useful home tools you can use as alternatives. It’s 2015 (and nearly 2016), go to Youtube and follow workout videos that would work for you.
  1. Go prepaid. Seeing your phone bill and suddenly realizing you have gone over your mobile data consumption for the nth time doesn’t help you with your finances. If you can, switch to prepaid so there wouldn’t be any more extra charges for your only limited ‘unlimited’ plan.
  1. Search for great deals. Before stepping in a store to buy something you need, look out for their deals; coupons, promos, discount vouchers and the likes. It won’t hurt to check if there’s a good deal for you.
  1. When shopping and you found something you need, ask the sales staff when the store will go on sale. Wait and then go back the day it goes on sale to buy the item you have been eyeing on. Not only does waiting help in spending less, it also gives you extra time to think whether or not you really need to purchase it.
  1. Resist temptation. Finally getting your hard-earned paycheck on your hands is really tempting to buy and treat yourself at least. But try to resist and control your temptations. Always ask yourself whether or not you need the item before you purchase it. Also, treat yourself in a less expensive way and more relaxing way such as an affordable, nonetheless relaxing massage or just a simple get together with your family. Or you could just lay in bed and watch Netflix all day, your call.
  1. Go out less. Not that it means you’ll have to decline every time a friend asks you to hang out or your family invites you to the movies. Just keep yourself from an impulse trip to the salon, mall or restaurant. Stay in your flat and invite your friends there to hang out instead of a road trip; or go ask your family for a movie night at home rather in the cinemas.
  1. Set a goal. Finally, let yourself have a goal. Let’s say at the end of the month you wish to save a specific amount of money in order to buy that furniture you have been yearning for or the out of town trip you have been planning for a long time. Continue to motivate yourself and track your progress.

With pure determination, you’ll be able to reach your goal and continue to save. Moreover, these tips also work well for when you need to save to pay back a debt or a loan. Saving means preparing — whether it be for a purchase or an unplanned circumstance. It’s better to be ready than not. Good luck on your money saving goals!

Do you have any tips that actually work you might want to share? Don’t hesitate to share it with us!

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