3 Personal Office Hacks To Help You Be More Productive


Working from home comes with many benefits, but one should be aware of the potential pitfalls as well. A small metal table, half a decade old PC, and a worn old chair might be enough to get the ball rolling, but if you are serious about business, you may need more than that. Peace and quiet are crucial for the productive work, but also the basic requirements for sound sleep. What you need is a stimulating and practical environment that improves your mood and increases your work performance.

1) Forms of functionality

Your home office should be arranged separately from the rest of your living space, but still comfortable and cozy. You can add your own personal touch to the work space though in order to get your creative juices flowing and keep motivation blooming.  Hence, you don’t have to be too formal and get rid of favorite pieces of art and family photos.

Feel free to paint the walls using your favorite color, since staring onto blank and dull wall serves no purpose and can drain motivation. Choose décor that encourages positive thinking and sets you in the right mood to roll up the sleeves. Rules of the good home design apply here, in fact, they work like a charm.  There is a myriad of DIY design ideas to add something special to the mix, so find the one that floats your boat.

However, bear in mind that the foundation of the efficient home office is good organization. The name of the game is functionality over form, and one of the things to consider is lighting. Let the natural light and fresh air in, and use energy-saving, effective light bulbs and table lamps. Poor visibility creates concentration troubles, headaches and other problems. A couple of plants will also help you purify the air, and help sustain your energy.

2) Have a seat, please

woman-791185_1280One way to pull off a good home office is to borrow some solutions from the traditional offices. A favorite sofa may be the most comfortable piece of furniture you have, but you are more likely to doze off than to work there. Check out some nice office furniture instead and give your motivation a boost. If you have clients coming over every now and then, purchasing reception chairs shows that you mean business and treat your partners with respect.

Use your desk space efficiently and make sure you have enough shelves and drawers to store everything that is unnecessary at the moment. All pieces of furniture must fit nicely, so keep it practical.  Try to take advantage of the space above your head and build up on the walls. Are you still lacking inspiration? See what Rockdale Office Furnishers have in store to make the most out of your space.

The position of the desk and your view are crucial for productivity- you can leave them facing a window or a calming image. Still, the equipment you need most often should be within reach, and jacks close enough to avoid cable entanglement. You can use multifunctional office furniture or mundane objects like boxes for storage. Label the latter to prevent the frustrating search for lost items.

3) Make it work for you

Creating a separate work sanctuary inside your personal space is the best way to increase your productivity and keep you focused. It needs to be well-organized, tidy, appealing and comfortable, a pleasure to work in, and a treat for your eyes and mind. Use DIY solutions and the ones from traditional office spaces to create a unique personal work environment that reflects your business philosophy. Such a place will not only serve a perfect base of operations, it will make an impression on your potential clients as well.

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Zoe Clark is a proud mom of one baby girl and a miniature schnauzer. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, Zoe is spending time with her family. She enjoys writing, cooking, traveling and loads of chocolate.

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  1. Hello Zoe, Nice to see you here! Now when I first started my business, I did indeed set up a nice office in the basement and did get a big ole desk with a comfy chair too.

    Now I do use my office in the winter but summer time well I just want to be upstairs in the sunlight! LOL

    I guess I am actually more productive in the winter, perhaps this is because of this. HUM? It does make me wonder.

    Great share. Thanks Chery :))

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