4 Biomedical Engineering Emerging Trends You Should Watch


For years, biomedical engineering has been at the forefront of driving tremendous advances in the healthcare sector. From creating new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases to improving one’s life quality, including cosmetic surgery Las Vegas is known for, the work going on in laboratories today is going to change healthcare – in both the short and long-term future.

While there are thousands of projects taking place right now, some clear-cut trends are already taking center stage in the biomedical engineering universe.

Improved Medical Imaging

The days of simple 2D X-ray images are long gone. Today, there are CT scans, ultrasound, MRI and many other technologies, and biomedical engineers are continuing to develop new and improved imaging options. For instance, researchers in Japan are experimenting with virtual medical reality for more accurate outcomes of surgeries guided by imagery.

In addition, there are myriad of projects dedicated to improving lung and cardiac imaging, offering physicians a real time view of a patient’s cardiovascular system.

Brain Research

The brain is still the most mysterious organ in the human body, and scientists are tirelessly researching into how it ticks.

In fact, brain research is the hottest trend in the biomedical engineering world. Research into this mysterious organ is diverse and far-reaching. For example, some researchers are working on how they can restore brain function, while others are looking for ways the brain can power prosthetics. Online sites, such as Corpina, provide all the latest progress on the matter.

Improved Assistive Technologies

Prosthetic technology has made significant strides. Today, thanks to advances in development and materials, prosthetics are not only much easier to use but they’re much lighter as well, and they feature more advanced capabilities. Researchers are already working on advanced prosthetics known as bionic.

Bionic prosthetics will enable amputees to control them with their minds – much like a biological limb. In the near future, expect there to be chip-enabled prosthetic limbs that offer users more flexibility and mobility, and even auxiliary motors that offer additional power and strength, making use of limbs easier.

Apart from prosthetics, researchers are working on robotic devices that will make the line between assistive and therapeutic devices even more blurry. For example, robotic exoskeletons are already assisting individuals with weak muscles as well as other mobility issues.

In a nutshell, exoskeletons help individuals function by offering the right balance between helping and actually performing the movements for them.

Artificial Intelligence

Applications of artificial intelligence dominate conversations in all industries; however, the conversation is more intense in the healthcare sector. As a result, biomedical engineering is changing from looking at only single molecules into analyzing how whole network of molecules works in order to create a system.

Researchers and students alike are now combining this type of research with other disciplines, including IT, to understand how various factors influence bodily functions for more effective treatments.

For example, London’s DeepMind project uses IT and biomedicine for analyzing kidney disease patients’ data through the National Health Service in Britain. The project aims to identify potential issues and establish effective protocols through intelligence gained from that data.

As soon as the project proves successful, you should expect similar AI and machine learning projects to launch all over the world.

Like all other trends in the world, biomedical engineering trends will come and go. You never know what is coming in the future. However, this exciting process will virtually change everything you think you knew about biomedicine.

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