5 Great Ways To Motivate Your Team At Work


If you are managing a team of people who perform up to or often even beyond your expectations, it’s only natural that you want to praise them for their work and keep them motivated for the challenges to come. Naturally, this is easier said than done, but we are lucky to have experience of many people who have dedicated their careers to the issue of motivating employees to turn to in search for help.

Generally speaking, the secret is to show your employees that you’re dedicated to them as much as they are dedicated to you and your company. This works best if you recognise what kind of motivation works best with each individual in the team and provide such a type of reward or incentive to demonstrate your appreciation. Let’s look at some of the options available.

1) Showing Trust

Most people like to be offered an opportunity to climb their career ladder. This usually entails learning new skills and gaining new competences, which is a process you can organise internally. Also, if you have a history of hiring from within, your employees are likely to feel motivated to do their best.

Not everyone is interested in promotion, though. Some are reluctant to accept more responsibility and are afraid they wouldn’t be successful at a higher position. This is a well-known case and one of the worst managerial mistakes you can make is to promote someone to the level of their incompetence. The fact that someone is excellent at one position doesn’t necessarily mean they would be equally good at a higher position.

2) Show Respects

Everyone likes being shown respect. This is a very powerful feedback channel that you need to exploit to let your employees know how you feel about their effort and results. This is particularly true in case when an employee possesses certain unique skills or talents. By making them aware that you appreciate everything they do, you’ll keep their motivation at a high level and possibly even increase it.

One of the commonly quoted reasons among people leaving companies that record high staff turnover is that they felt unappreciated and that their employers failed to acknowledge all the effort put in on a daily basis.

3) Share Profit

If your employees’ income is tied to your company’s performance, they are likely to work hard in an attempt to make as much money as possible. Apart from an opportunity to improve their budget, the employees will also feel, and rightfully so, more engaged and involved. Another bonus is that employees will probably be interested in staying with the company as it grows.

This also might be an incentive for talented individuals you’d like to attract without offering them a huge starting salary. A lot of them are willing to take the risk and cash in on their talent and knowledge.

4) Offer Reward

This kind of recognition is somewhat similar to those already mentioned, but it doesn’t include financial stimulation. Instead, it’s focused on other ways of expressing gratitude, such as office parties, employee of the month reward, lunches with the company owners, gift cards. A small gesture of kindness, such as thank you cards for various important moments in the life of your employees, have become rather inexpensive due to a range of commercial printing options, while having a great impact on the morale of the employees.

5) Allow Time Off Work

One of the most attractive things for an employee is to know that their employer is generous with time off. If people know that they can get time for sick days, vacations, etc., they are likely to offer something in return. That something is usually hard work, dedication and loyalty to your company. However, you might expect that there will be those who’ll misuse your generosity, but that shouldn’t put you off from treating other employees fairly.

Time off is one of the most highly rated perks, since people have families who need them or other activities they want to pursue in their free time. The better the situation in their private life, the more relaxed and ready to work they’ll be. After all, don’t you have a life outside the office walls?

Just like athletes, your employees need to catch their breath between two tasks. It’s unrealistic to expect that every single employee can give their best at every moment. Your task, as an employer, is to try to get as much as you can from them, while at the same time creating the best possible conditions for their work.

It’s crucial that you understand that both you and your employees are supposed to pull in the same direction. The longer they stay with you, the better harmony there is, and that leads to excellent results. However, you can’t expect them not to consider other options if you’re not doing enough to show them how much you appreciate everything they’ve been doing. So, think about what you can do to motivate them and show them how highly you value them. Your company can only benefit from it.

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