5 Tips How to Overcome Laziness and Start Acting


Every once in a while, you will feel like doing nothing and staying cozy in bed or just letting things be. Laziness is the act of letting things be as they are and not wanting to do anything. Admittedly or not, everyone experiences this feeling. However, it is when such actions or feelings become habit that corrective action should be taken. Here are the five top things to do which will definitely help you beat laziness and start achieving success in your life!

1. Harness Your Procrastination Habits

Everyone will procrastinate on something from time to time. Putting things off to be handled later is led by some sort of discomfort associated with performing that task. It could be doing simple things such as cleaning the bathroom or filing some receipts. The postponing of things can be for bigger and important things too, such as visiting a loved one, proposing for marriage or even updating your resume.

If you take a closer look at what you don’t like doing immediately, you will notice that there is some association between fear and procrastination. You might have valid reasons for procrastinating something. After all has been said and done, the reason you’re not handling something when it comes up is a mere excuse: Nothing more. The best way to deal with procrastination is to identify your fear or discomfort and dealing with it head on. Start by setting deadlines, visualizing the future you desire and having achievable short term goals.

2. Never Wait For The ‘feel like it’ Moment

There are many times that we say that one should do what makes them happy. Well, even in the most dashing careers, there are tasks that will bore you and in a spectacular way. If you were to say that you will only be doing stuff that makes you happy, then you will have a lot of trouble doing 80% of things in your life. More often than not, it is the 20% great and exciting things that make us have the energy to do the remaining 80% boring ones. It is, therefore, ill-advised to have a motto saying that you only do things that make you happy.

Successful people either in their jobs or in doing their own thing have had to endure a lot of unpleasant things so as to achieve their dreams in life. It is the willpower to handle what is on your plate that will lead you to do great things which will eventually bring you success. There are a lot of things you won’t feel like doing, and you should never wait for the “I feel like doing it” moment because then you will never get things done.

3. Make Your Tasks Simpler, Shorter and Achievable

You probably want to buy a home and you have no idea where to start from because as of now, you are jobless. Obviously, achieving your dream is tough but then, many people have owned homes and much more by just knowing where to start and how to. While the dream is very big and definitely intimidating, you can break down your journey into bits. Start by breaking down the big task into smaller and shorter ones.

Laziness is a resistance to doing something, especially if that something is a big task. You can start with setting the ultimate goal and setting a timeline. Break down the long-term goals into shorter yearly achievable goals which will lead you to your ultimate goal. Break these yearly goals into monthly goals and where possible daily goals. Get a job. With time and of course, discipline, you will realize that every one of your daily targets achieved draws you closer to your ultimate goal.

4. Visualization

It is extremely hard to give your all when performing a task when you don’t know what you are working so hard to achieve. It is like running for no apparent reason. If there is a reward of money, glory, fame and a good life after winning in a race, people will definitely scramble to be the ones to reach the top first. In real life, you will have an extremely hard time working hard if by doing so you don’t see where you will be in five years. Visualization helps you see your life in a better promising perspective. It is like dangling a carrot in front of yourself only that this time, it can be reached with hard work.

Lack of motivation or the ever presence of the laziness ’whispers’ will make you lose focus in life and ultimately the larger goal in life. Every time you feel down or laziness creeps in, remind yourself of your goals and visualize where or what you want to be in the next one year.

5. Focus On Doing One Thing At A Time

Life is made up of many things. You will definitely have a long list of things that you want to achieve before you are 40 or 50. If you were to focus on all of them, you will be lost and you will end up achieving nothing. It is advisable to focus on three or four things at a time. This way, your overall goal is more likely to be achieved and you will not be overwhelmed by trying to tackle countless tasks.

By focusing on a few tasks at a time, you will be able to achieve more and in a short time. Moreover, you will be able to record progress towards your life goals which will make you want to work harder because results are tangible.

Many things in life are negotiable when you have the laziness tag around your neck. You will debate between sleeping an extra 30 minutes versus exercising in the morning or watching the TV versus finishing your school assignment. When you decide to deal with laziness head on, you will come to realize that a lot of things are non-negotiable. You will find yourself focusing more on things that bring results that propel you towards your life goals. You will find yourself no longer procrastinating and handling the annoying tasks first with vigor. Such is the power you get when you decide to deal with the laziness vice in your life.

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Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor,  sharing his experience in spheres of  blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Nowadays writing for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. Currently, Richard works as a part-time writer for ProWritersCenter.

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Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Nowadays writing for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. Currently, Richard works as a part-time writer for ProWritersCenter.

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