5 Ways to Beat Unhealthy Eating Habits


We start to experiment with various eating habits when we were in college. However, it would take about three months or more to build such habits. Then, the problem sets in – someone points out to you that that habit is doing more harm than good. Put simply, it’s very unhealthy! Now, here’s what you can do to beat the unhealthy habits of yours.

How to beat unhealthy eating habits:

1) Never skip breakfast

Not all of us understand the emphasis given to eating breakfast. What we eat in the morning impacts how the rest of the day will go. The food helps in regulating the glucose levels in our body. Did you know that your brain will function poorly or not function at all without 25 grams of glucose in the blood stream? Not to mention, you’ll eat more during lunch to compensate what you’ve not eaten during breakfast. So, try to eat high protein foods like oatmeal with berries or egg white omelet. Eat your breakfast within 30 minutes after you wake up.

2) Avoid eating junk food

junk foods
Food psychologists strongly believe that the continual intake of food with high fat and high sugar contents can alter the way your body functions. Eventually, it won’t be able to tell that you are already full. Likewise, it alters your food choices wherein the more junk food you eat, the more you desire eating them. For instance, if you’re into “crispy” food such as potato chips and French fries, try to replace them with healthier alternatives like oatmeal cookies or cucumber slices.

3) Chew some mint

All of us has a tendency to overeat. If you’ve just started learning about portion control, you can use mint to suppress your appetite. Mint has a strong scent that can lead to up to 3,000 fewer calories intake on a weekly basis. Our food experience involves all our senses.  Have you heard the cliché that we eat with our eyes first? Our sense of smell is no different. Not to mention, the mouth and nose are so close to each other. When you control your sense of smell, you are somewhat controlling your appetite. Thus, keep a pack of mint handy and take one whenever necessary.

4) Don’t get into a diet

Any form of diet breaks your own established eating habits that took you years to build. Additionally, studies show that crash diets don’t work in the long run. The person almost always relapses after three to five years more so when the diet involves skipping a meal. The reason? Our brain makes more poor food choices after being hungry for a longer period. Forget about diet. Instead, eat healthy foods and watch the portions. If you need to snack on something, choose fruits or veggies. Better yet, make your own healthy snacks such as tuna sandwich or salad.  

5) Have a cheat day

Temptations are everywhere and sometimes, it’s fine to give into temptations. However, this doesn’t mean to deviate altogether from all the healthy eating habits that you are trying so hard to build. Reward yourself for eating healthy for six days in a week. Eat foods with high glycemic index per serving such as ice cream, cake, pasta, and pizza. Eat them after exercising since they aid in recovery. Just stop eating when you already feel full.

Make eating healthy a priority. Know, however, that sustaining a healthy eating lifestyle is a work in progress, too. Work your way from the bottom when building good eating habits to make the switch more sustainable.

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