6 Health Signs That You Need To Change Your Mattress


Sleep Foundation has on its official website written the recommended hours of sleep for all age groups. The maximum are 8-10 hours for teenagers with ages 14-17 and minimum are 7-8 hours for people with age of 65 and more. These facts point out a fact that every age group needs a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every day. And everyone knows what happens when you don’t get the recommended hours of sleep. Your health destroys, you become stressed, it kills your passion and a number of changes occur in your health and body.

Today, we are living the modern-day lives as compared to our forefathers. With this, we have all the modern-day amenities, but still we can’t sleep all night. We are insomnia patients and spend hundreds of dollars on medication for sleep. But there is a little fact that most of the people ignore. And that’s the bed arrangement and the equipment used in your bed. First comes a mattress and if you don’t have a cool and quality brand mattress, you can’t properly sleep. Today, we are sharing the obvious health signs that you need to change your mattress in order to improve your health, enjoy better sleep and have a great life.

Your are Stressed

There are a number of reasons responsible for someone’s stress but your mattress, the one you are using daily, is just one example. You may find it weird to know but it’s a fact that old mattresses, especially those used over years, cause stress and deprive you of comfortable sleep.

Your Mattress Triggers Your Allergies

Dust results in germ creation and other tiny creatures. These creatures contribute to deteriorate our health over time, if not noticed and not properly taken care of. It’s reported that more than 20 million Americans are allergic to buggers and how the heck they would be sleeping when they own a dirty old mattress? An old mattress is the mother of diseases and it’s the time to replace your most important tool. It’s not hard to find the best mattresses that offer great back pain support and ensure comfortable sleep. All you need is to check the best mattress and compare them using bestmattress.review.

A Bad Mattress Causes Back Pain

A mattress is good as long as you are having the best sleep in your life. Once you have the feeling that it’s not offering the old level of comfort, relaxing and coolness- you need to find a new one. And in the worst cases, you will lower back pain issue. It’s a growing problem affecting increasing number of people. When your mattress causes back pain and such other issues, you got to replace it and find one that’s more comfortable.

You May Gain Weight

When a bad mattress enters your life, sleep becomes rare. And sleep deprivation leads to overeating. There is a direct link between sleep deprivation and getting more weight. Think about it and find out if your sleep problem is causing your obesity. And sleep deprivation most of the time occurs when you have a hard, stiff and poor quality mattress. Just change your mattress and there will be noticeable difference in your health.

Weak Immune System

As we have said we are talking about the obvious health signs that you should change your mattress. This goes true for everyone’s immune system, too. Poor health, heart problems, stress and sleep deprivation when combine together, they make up a horrible concept. We would just suggest that you should analyzing things in detail and find out if sleep problem is impacting your immune system.

Memory Impairment

Without required hours of sleep, it’s impossible to stay active, perform your job actively, and remember what goes around and what assignment you are supposed to do this night. Poor sleep leads to memory impairment where you start forgetting easy and simple things. During the deep sleep, called REM, the memories are being formed, so if you can’t enter the REM sleep, your brain is not going to form the memories the right way, which leads to memory impairment.

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