7 Self Help Tips To Beat Brain Drain And Fatigue


One of the major problems that people encounter is brain drain which can lead to fatigue. Students and working adults commonly experience these problems. There are a lot of factors that triggers brain drain and fatigue; bad sleeping habit, lack of nutrient intake, and isolating yourself from the social world are some of the examples. Brain drain and fatigue can sometimes lead to a worse mental condition such as depression. To prevent such tragic outcome, one should help oneself as soon as early symptoms are evident. The best help you can find is no other than yourself. Brain drain and fatigue is a condition caused by your own activities. If you are already experiencing brain drain and fatigue, then don’t drown yourself to sadness except help yourself and beat ‘em!

1) Take A Caffeine Nap

Finishing a tiresome work is hard, especially if it requires you to finish overnight. In order to keep your brain fresh and active, you need to take a caffeine nap. A caffeine nap is drinking a cup of coffee before sleep. Caffeine in coffee usually activates its stimulating effect thirty minutes after it is taken. Sleeping after drinking coffee will not hinder your sleep. However, it is expected that you will feel wide awake as soon as it starts to effect in your system which makes you wake up because it increases the alertness and cognitive functions. Caffeine naps are best taken during five in the morning. It can serve as your kick-start as soon as the sun rises. A caffeine nap is also called a ‘power nap’.

2) Connect With Friends On Social Media

The second best tip is to connect with your friends. Brain drain is the feeling that your brain can no longer think as your cognitive function decreases. Fatigue, on the other hand, is the feeling of exhaustion. As your body feels exhausted, your brain is also affected. Engaging yourself with your friends, personally or through social media will make yourself feel less burdened. It serves as a breathing session of your brain. The human brain, when forced to work on something, will more likely experience brain drain and fatigue that is why it is best to, sometimes, give your brain a treat by giving it space to think about other fun activities.

3) Read Something Entertaining

Aside from talking, reading something that your brain enjoys is a major factor to beat brain drain and fatigue. As said earlier, giving your brain a chance to think freely will liberate your idea and grasp of knowledge. When the brain absorbs something that is interesting, it helps in making it alive. Fatigue is a heavy burden to you, so better prevent it from becoming worse.

4) Break Down Your Projects In Chunks

Do not do it all at once. The problem with some people is that they tend to procrastinate. They don’t usually have an idea of how much burden it will bring to them when they are near their project’s deadline. This is one of the reasons that highly causes fatigue. The best option with doing large projects is to break them down into parts. You should practice SMART. Specific in what to do; actions are well-Measured; the projected outcome is Attainable; it is Result-oriented, and Time-bound. Breaking your projects into parts will make you more organized and can free you from unnecessary problems.

5) Do Something You Enjoy

Give yourself the benefit of fun. When you become too engrossed in your project, stop and breathe. Sometimes, people are so attached or dedicated to their project that they tend to forget other aspects of life. Well, it is not healthy for you and your brain. Let your brain breath and enjoy other tasks. You should balance yourself between your work and life.

6) Improve Diet and Eat Well

Brain drain and fatigue are mental problems which occur because of stress due to heavy workload and unhealthy diet. If you are a student or a laborer, it is important that you never lose your mind because losing your mind may lead you to depression. The human body needs to absorb nutrients to support the systems that give life to the body and the brain. A healthy diet complemented by smart Drugs will beat brain drain and fatigue because you will be giving yourself enough vitamins that your brain needs.

7) Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Be unselfishly kind to people, and it will give you an altruistic feeling. It is happiness in a higher sense; making yourself “feel good” will stimulate your brain to perform more. The emotional domain of a human person has a large effect on the cognitive domain because how you feel is how your brain thinks. If you feel positive, then your mind will most likely see solutions to every problem encountered. However, if you feel emotionally down, your brain might experience drain and fatigue. Never dwell on the negative aspect of life. Stay at the bright side and spread the awareness of the preventive measures in fighting brain drain and fatigue.

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