7 Simple And Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory


We live in a world overloaded with information so it isn’t surprising that many of us find it hard to focus and keep all the important things in mind. There are two ways to solve this problem: you can rely on reminders, task managers, and notes or you can train your memory and make it better. If you choose the second option, I can help you, offering 7 easy and simple ways to improve memory.

1) Train Your Brain

This might seem surprising but the brain is a muscle – and just as every other muscle it can be trained. Of course, you don’t need to go to the gym in order to do so – just do different things that can improve your ability to memorizes details as well as think logically. Play memory and logical games. Solve puzzles and crosswords. The key here is to do all those things regularly if you want to notice progress soon.

2) Keep Things Organized

Sometimes we forget about something not because our memory itself is bad but because we have too many distractions around us. That’s why it’s so important to keep things around you organized. This way, you won’t be able to get distracted from your tasks, thinking that you need to clean up the mess in your room or that you have to read the book that is lying somewhere near you. Moreover, this will help you to find things easily – for example, if you know that your pens are stored in one place, you’ll always know where to look for them.

3) Forget About Multitasking

We live in a busy world where multitasking seems like a perfect option and a desirable skill. However, it’s not. Actually, not many people are able to handle multitasking as swiftly as they think: most of them do complete all the tasks but the results turn out to be not as effective as they could have been. Often, concentrating on one thing is better than trying to concentrate on several things at a time.

So, try focusing on one thing only: this might seem too easy at first but, actually, it is quite challenging. Moreover, this will definitely benefit your memory.

4) Reduce Stress Levels

It becomes harder to remember things when we are too stressed. In order to avoid it, be sure that you’re getting enough rest and relaxation instead of stressing all the time.

It might seem hard: after all, the stress doesn’t appear from nowhere. However, even simple things like meditation, a warm bath, an hour of yoga or an evening with a book with gadgets turned off could make you feel better. So, if you experience troubles with your memory, ensure that you get enough rest before worrying there’s something wrong with you.

5) Sleep Well

Our brain (as well as our memory) works best when it receives enough rest. That’s why it’s important for you to sleep enough every day. The number of hours required for total rest differs from person to person, but you probably know that already as well as how many hours you need to rest completely. Be sure to stick to that number. After all, various researches show that a good sleep not only makes people healthier but also improves their brain function as well as boosts their memory.

6) Learn Something New

Many of us want to learn a new skill, be it coding, a new language or something else. If you are one of these people, why don’t you start mastering this new skill right now? This will stimulate your brain activity as well as enhance your memory function.

7) Pick Your Food Carefully

Did you know there’s a special diet for the brain? Just like every other part of the body, it requires the right fuel. For example, things like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats (they can be found in fish, nuts, and olive oil), and whole grains not only make you healthier but also improve your memory. Even avoiding fast-food is good for brain too.

If you want to stimulate your brain, choose food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, drink more green tea, grape juice or wine (though be sure to be moderate with the last one).

As you see, there are so many ways to improve your memory and brain function as well. Some of them require your actions and some require changes in your lifestyle – so you could start with changes that seem the easiest to you and then move to more complex ones. The consistency is the key here: if you follow these tips daily, soon you’ll find that you are able to remember your daily tasks, to write a term paper, to study, and to do all the other important things much easier. I wish you good luck with that!

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