4 Things Real Estate Buyers And Sellers Should Know


Any real estate agent would agree that no two deals between a buyer and a seller is the same. This also includes the transaction. As fun and challenging job description that it may sound to the audience, it comes with a lot of drawbacks. The biggest issues, these challenges plague the real estate agent along with the buyer and the seller, thereby affecting their decision at the end.

1) When The Market Conditions Are Not Ideal

Most sellers of flats would wait for the ideal selling time of the market before putting up his property. The worse thing, the sellers are unaware of the market conditions and asks for an exorbitant price for the property. This affects the real estate agent as it becomes difficult in explaining situations to both the buyers and the sellers.

The seller and the buyer both needs to conduct a thorough study of the area they are interested to find accommodation in. This would help in negotiating the price according to the demand of the market.

2) Emotional Sellers or The Nosy Landlord

The worse nightmare for any buyer or tenant is if they land up in a property which has an emotional seller or a nosy landlord. In both of these kind of sellers, it’s important for the buyer to be supportive.

Renting out a home or selling a home is an emotional affair. The house has been used by the seller for ages, which means letting it go can become a difficult thing. Even if you are looking for a room for rent in Pune, it is best to clearly communicate and understand what the landlord/seller wants. However, do ensure to state your requirements and expectations too.

3) Disagreeing With The Price/Rent of The Home

Both the buyer and the seller are on the same platform, but all hell breaks loose when the buyer refuses to pay the amount requested by the seller. This also happens in a rental situation. It is best that if you are looking for a 1 BHK flat for rent in Pune, before deciding on a flat, to talk to the owner clearly. If a real estate agent is involved, it’s usually them who would help in making a settlement which is agreeable by both the parties.

4) Unrealistic Home Buyers or Tenants

It is not always the landlord or the seller who creates issues. There are some tenants or home buyers who also make unrealistic demands for a property. In these situations, it’s always best to have a clear communication. In case a broker is involved, he/she should explain to the tenant and the buyer everything that comes with the property, and things that they might have to invest in.

Last but not the least, it’s always the neighborhood that is the deal-maker or breaker. Which side of the coin you are in, one cannot control the neighborhood. This means that the buyer or the tenant should be given a heads up and informed.

These are some of the major concerns that plagues the minds of the buyers and the sellers. Whatever be the case, it’s important to understand the market requirements and act sensibly.

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