7 Ways The Rich Is Different Than The Middle Class


Not many people really understand the mindset of the people that become rich. Many believe that the rich only become financially independent through chance or luck. Some even believe that the people who have become rich always had some type of leverage or unfair advantage. Others believe that the rich are unhappy, greedy, and selfish. This is the type of negative thinking towards wealth that hold so many people back from achieving it.

When you have wealth tied to such negative emotions, why would someone ever strive to become rich? The people who usually say these things do not understand the mindset of the rich, and they are making empty statements with little proof to back up what they’re saying, just misconceptions. Sure some people who are rich may have some of the characteristics mentioned, but more than likely, money did not change them.

Will Smith once said “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” So, if someone who is rich, greedy, and selfish, they already had those characteristics before they became rich. While all rich people do not have all the same negative characteristics, most do share these 7 things that make them different than the poor and middle class.

1. The rich see money as a means of freedom and contribution.

There are many constraints in life that hold us back from living a truly free life. One of the biggest constraints is money. You have to work all the time because you need money to pay the bills and take care of your family. You can’t spend as much time with your family or travel as much as you want because the bills won’t pay themselves. Sometimes you have worry because you can’t pay bills, so you have to sacrifice more time to work. These are the constraints you have to face when you have not reached a place of true financial freedom. The rich see what money can do for them and the time it can give them, so they make a decision to be rich.

The rich also understand that they can make more contributions to the world with more money. They give more to charity, build charitable foundations, and make more of an impact on the world. The poor and middle class don’t look at the positives money can bring to the world, only the negatives, so they don’t make a decision to be rich.

2. The rich comfortably get out of their comfort zones.

Most people just want to have comfort in their lives. Nothing fancy, just emotional, physical, and psychological comfort. This is the primary goal of many. Well, we call this complacency. The need for comfort can be devastating to your life. As you become comfortable and complacent, you no longer grow as an individual and when you no longer grow, you no longer add meaning to your life.

The middle class don’t want to pay the price of their comfort to obtain financial freedom. The rich on the other hand, learn that becoming a millionaire and having a truly free life is not an easy road. They know that there is price to getting rich, and they have to let go of comfort and that sense of certainty.

Many wealthy individuals have become rich by forging ahead when everyone doubted them. That is certainly an uncomfortable position to be in, but they learn to be mentally tough and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

3. The rich envision their future.

Many people live in the past and not in the future. They tell themselves that they have to live it up in college, or in their youth because those are going to be the best days of their life. They admire the past and don’t dream big enough for their future.

They settle for a job they don’t like and a life they don’t want, reminiscing on the good ole days. Well, the wealthy are always dreaming and having a vision of what their life will be like. They are very optimistic and they dream big. There is a saying that goes “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land on the stars.”

The rich learn from the past, live in the present, and dream about the future. Most self-made millionaires plan goals that won’t be realized for years, but they continue to dream of what their life will be like when they reach those goals.

4. The rich are very confident.

If you constantly bet on yourself to reach your goals in life, and in-turn that has made you a self-made millionaire, why would you not have confidence in yourself? The rich constantly set goals for themselves and they consistently strive to reach those goals. When you have faith in yourself and your abilities, sometimes it may come off as cockiness or arrogance, but it stems from the simple fact that you believe in yourself. The rich believed in themselves well before they became rich, and that led them to becoming rich. When you believe that you can accomplish anything, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

5. The rich help others to succeed as well.

The rich don’t show envy or get jealous when others are successful, they just strive harder to obtain the level of success that they want as well. They also know that the more they can help others to become successful, they will become more successful as well. Zig Zaglar once said “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

6. They are big savers.

Believe it or not, the rich are actually bigger savers than the middle class and poor. Most millionaires aren’t flashy, drive fancy cars, and have mansions. They could be your next door neighbors. The rich are big savers because they know that the more they are able to save, the more cash-producing assets they are able to acquire. The rich know that it is not how much money you make that makes you financially independent and rich, but how much you keep.

7. They Invest In Themselves More Than There Job

The rich invest in their health and knowledge more than they invest in their jobs or business. They are constantly seeking out self-help books and advice that will help take them to the next level of their lives. They invest in their mental, physical, and emotional health more than the middle class because they know that that have to maintain a level of focus and productivity to help them sustain their success. They invest in their knowledge because they know that knowledge is the stepping stone to true power.

Take Away:

The rich have many different attributes that has allowed them to become financially successful, but anyone can learn to think and do the things the financially free do. Here is a re-cap of the 7 ways the rich is different than the middle class.

  • The rich see money as a means of freedom and contribution.
  • The rich comfortably get out of their comfort zones.
  • The rich envision their future.
  • The rich are very confident.
  • The rich help others to succeed as well.
  • They are big savers.
  • They invest in themselves more than they invest in their jobs

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I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of DreamsAre4Real.com. As a graduate from Michigan State University, for the past 4 years I have dedicated my life to personal development, studying what it takes to become successful, understanding psychology, and how to stay motivated in order to achieve anything in life. I believe and most certainly have a passion for reaching my full potential, and I want to inspire others to do the same.

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  1. Good Morning Time Lawrence,

    Wow what an Awesome post about the rich and middle class my friend! I do agree mindset IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot think of not one thing to add to this one,
    Great Share. Thanks and do have a Great Day.
    Chery :))

    • Yes, your mindset is everything really. What you focus on, how you perceive life, and what you do all depends on your mindset. With the right mindset…anything is possible.

      Have a great day as well.

  2. Yes, rich are confident, they can easily get out of their comfort zones, invest themselves more than their jobs.

    I envy how rich people adjust easily on things most especially getting out of their comfort zones.

    “6. They are big savers.” caught me off guard and you nailed it. It is not how much money you make but how much you keep. Everyone should have this kind of mindset. Many thought that spending lots of money will make you look rich, but it’s not. What matters most here is how much money you have or how much you keep.

    Interesting article to wrap it up. It also gave me motivation to save more money and spend wisely.

    • Yes, many of the rich share the qualities and is it good that you are able to acknowledge the fact that you envy how most self-made millionaires are able to get out of their comfort zone. This should help you to work on that. The reason getting out of your comfort zone would help you so much is because it helps you grow as an individual. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you are able to overcome and accomplish, and the more you accomplish, the more confident you become. Confidence and belief in yourself is one of the biggest qualities that will help you obtain success in any area of your life.

  3. Hey Lawrence,

    These are great characteristics of the Rich shows how much they think differently than middle class or poor. The ones that stuck out to me were #5 and #7.

    I’ve noticed that when I started my venture of how many people who grew jealous, hateful and made fun of what I was trying to achieve. This shown me who are my true friends and what my peers were really about. Especially with some coworkers. When someone actually moves up the ladder, there were those that were hating on them, and there were others that gave them a genuine congratulations.

    As far as #7 I see that a lot of people see self help books as a waste of time. I did for a while until I really dug into them. Now I see why there are people that are rich and then there’s everyone else. The self help books train helps to train your mind to be positive and at the same time realistic. It helps you to develop the mindset of a successful person which lays out the foundation of achieving any goals you make.

    Thanks for sharing Lawrence! This was definitely a great post!

    I found your post on kingged.com under the category of Business/Finance

    • Those are some great ones that you picked, #5 and #7. Its sad to see some of your friends and acquaintances show hate towards you as you obtain success, but it does happen. Like you said, this shows their true character though. The rich are usually inspired by someone who is moving up and they worker harder to do the same, and may even help you along the way as well. The rich know that the more people you help, the more value you give to the world, the more the world will give to you.

      Improving yourself is one of the biggest things that will help you obtain success in any area of your life. Like you said, it helps you to be positive and to me, it helps your productivity.

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. The mindset of the rich is different from that of the poor and middle class. The rich sees money differently and are willing to make the necessary sacrifice to acquire it.

    Therefore, the mindset is fundamental when it comes to accessing what it takes to be rich. The poor and middle class should change their mindset and learn from the rich.

    Yes, I agree with the differentiation made between the rich and poor in this post!

    In kingged.com, I left the above comment where this post was shared.

    • What you are able to accomplish in this world all depends on your mindset. The poor and the wealthy are different mostly because of their mindsets towards money, life, and health. Sunday, I am glad that you have read the post and have taken the time to share your thoughts.

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