Employees Productivity Decrease: 5 Unexpected Situations And How To Deal With Them


Many business people have a distorted idea about productivity, assuming that quantity of work is all that matters. They strive to get the most out of their current workers, yet they utilize counterproductive tactics to pull it off. As a result, numerous workers cope with a tremendous amount of stress, dwindling focus, and shabby motivation. Indeed, there are many misconceptions floating around: Things that are considered to be a waste of time can actually boost productivity across the board. So, it’s high time to debunk the myths and embrace a new business philosophy, which gravitates around real people.

Less Is More

A growing body of research suggests that working less has a positive impact on work performance. After 50 hours of work in a week, productivity plummets, and all the extra hours after that threshold turn out to be unfruitful. It is estimated that the peak of productivity takes place just under 40 hours per week.  A similar drop occurs after 8 hours of a daily grind. So, working too much actually does more harm than good. It turns out that entrepreneurs and managers ought to encourage employees to work smarter, not harder. Likewise, everyone should be able to take periodic breaks to recharge the batteries.

Building Good Habits

The daily habits of workers are an integral part of the productivity equation. First off, whether we eat and what we eat is closely tied to our performance at work. A breakfast packed with vitamins, proteins, fiber, and minerals wards off the sense of being tired, sluggish, and irritated.  Still, nobody is able to rise and shine in the morning without ample sleep (seven to eight hours). Lack of it is a great productivity killer which has adverse effects on your health. The point is that business owners should allow employees to get to work a bit later and have breakfast at home.

Good Conditions

One way to mitigate fatigue and tiredness is to provide comfort and proper work conditions. Affordable anti-fatigue mats, for instance, are ideal for workers who stand in one position for prolonged periods of time and feel discomfort, stress, and fatigue. Also, note that people who sit around all day may want to work differently, so consider standing desks. Finally, know that exercise during the workday can do miracles for health, mood, and overall productivity.

Music To Their Ears

There are many unexpected ways in which productivity can be increased.  Scientists have found that viewing images of cute baby animals benefit performance on tasks that require solid concentration. In general, cute and pretty objects evoke positive emotions and spark motivation, improving mood and work performance. Furthermore, music and ambient sounds have a role to play, as they possess the power to induce dopamine production, making us hale and hearty. Thus, they can help workers get their creative juices flowing and affect the quality of work.

Cultural Dimension

A company’s culture can have a decisive impact on productivity. Workers should be able to grasp a bigger picture and see how their work contributes to the company’s goals. What is more, some of the most successful companies are those that provide staff training, giving employees a chance to grow and acquire new skills. Additionally, these organizations are versed in delegating tasks and soaking in feedback from people who are closest to the actual work process. For something like this to happen, a culture of open communication and collaboration must be nurtured.

Peaks and Valleys

There are many roadblocks to productivity and some of them are caused by our own negligence and misconceptions. These productivity hacks may sound counterintuitive, but they do the trick and foster a positive atmosphere, the bedrock of peak performance. Workers who log fewer hours but are treated with great conditions and ambiance tend to display a better quality of work. So, empower them to get through the day with a bang and steer away from factors that hinder productivity.

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