Insane Dumbbell Bench Press Workout For Explosive Pressing Power


For decades, classic barbell has been a staple in resistance training program. But, today the time has come where most of the people instead of picking up the barbells are moving on to pick a pair of dumbbells. Reason being, the benefits of dumbbell presses as opposed to barbell presses allows for a greater stretch at the bottom and at the top, a more efficient peak contraction. Dumbbell bench presses, on the other hand, can be performed at various angles and variations with different weights. Thus, it’s highly anticipated!

Dumbbell Bench Press Workout

So, if you’ve been looking for a dumbbell bench press workout for a more effective chest development, we’ve got just the one for you which will blow your mind away. It basically includes three exercises:

  • Straight arm dumbbell pullover
  • Dumbbell bench press or alternate dumbbell bench press
  • Push ups

Per exercise, 12 repetition needs to be done one after another to complete a single set. A small rest of not more than 30-45 seconds can be availed, if required. Initially, try to complete a minimum of 4 sets and then move on to a higher number of sets, 7-8 probably to create more impact. In addition, do make sure to take extra care of your diet along with the right bodybuilding supplement for men as well as women before and after the workout.

Workout Simplified….

Straight Arm Dumbbell Pullover

To begin with, place the dumbbell up on a flat bench and lay down perpendicular to the bench with only your shoulders lying on the surface. Whereas, hips below the bench and legs bent with feet firmly placed on the ground.

Grasp the dumbbell with both your hands and make sure to hold it at an arm’s length, straight above your chest. In this process remember to correctly press the palms of both the hands against the one of the sides of the dumbbell. Consider this as your starting point.

Now keeping the arms straight, slowly begin to lower the weight forming an arch behind your head. While you do that breath in until you can feel a stretch in the chest. Right at that moment, exhale to bring the dumbbells back to the starting position using the same arch formed while lowering the weight. Next, hold on to the initial position for a second and then go on to repeat it all over again.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Comfortably lie down on a flat bench with dumbbells in each hand. Let them rest on top of your thigh while the palms of your hands facing each other. Now using your thighs, raise the dumbbells up one at a time, so you can easily hold them in front of you at the width of your shoulder.

Once at shoulder width, move on to rotate the wrists forward so that the palm of your hands face away from you. In the meanwhile, make sure the dumbbells are just to the side of the chest as you maintain full control of them all along. Note: This will be your starting position.

In the next step, breathe out and use your chest to push the dumbbells in the upward direction. Lock your arm at the top of the lift as you continue to squeeze your chest. Hold this position for a second and then descend down slowly to the starting position to repeat the movement for the given number of times.


Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press

Since this one is a bench press too, so, hold on to the previous position on the bench. Place the dumbbells in each hand atop your thighs. The palms of the hands facing each other. Then, just like the previous exercise use your thighs to push the dumbbells up one at a time in order to hold them at shoulder width.

Once again, after raising the dumbbells to the shoulder width, rotate your wrist forward so the palms of the hands face away from you. Let this be your starting position with having a full control of the dumbbells from this point on to the last.

Next, press one dumbbell upward until the arm is fully extended. Hold this position for a second and slowly retract the extended arm to the starting position. Then go on to complete the same movement on the other side and continue to alternate in the similar manner.

Push Ups

Get into a plank position by placing the hands firmly on the ground and directly under the shoulders. In order to stabilize the lower body, ground the toes into the floor. Further, before you begin to lower your body brace the core as you’ll simultaneously need to engage the hamstrings and glutes. Just remember to flatten your back, so your entire body stays neutral and straight.

Now is the time to begin lowering the body, keeping the eyes focused in front of you until the chest grazes the floor. Don’t let the butt dip, ensure the body remains in a straight line from head to toe. Keeping the core engaged, breathe out pushing back up to the starting point to repeat it all over again.


Being a part of the strength and resistance training is never easy and certainly impossible without a proper diet plan. If you are going to put in such hard work into this workout, support it by consuming the right food and the right bodybuilding supplement for men as well as women. Apart from that, do maintain proper hygiene to keep skin infections caused due to sweat at bay. If you’re all good to go right now, then why not get started with the insane dumbbell bench press workout for explosive pressing already? Shall we?

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