6 Unfortunate Mishaps Entrepreneurs Never See Coming


When you first filled out your online credit card applications, you might have thought about many things to do with your credit card. You thought of where and when to use it, and perhaps, you assumed that you could pay your credit card every month on time.

However, you might not have figured out that there could be a bigger possibility of not being able to pay it. It may not be in your case, but there are many cases in which people have failed to pay their credit cards. This scenario also happens in starting a business.

If you have already started a business, you might have already prepared for all the problems you might encounter. The real challenge lies on addressing mishaps in business that are not commonly expected by many entrepreneurs.

Today, we will be going through several unfortunate mishaps entrepreneurs never see coming.

1) Experiencing Burnout

In business, inspiration is very important not just in the early stages, but most importantly several years down the road because this is where burnout typically takes place.

This means that your excitement and enthusiasm may subside eventually as a result of being overworked. Stress is a big factor as there are times entrepreneurs seem to get sick and tired of their business.

2) Risk of Imitation

If you start a business, you have to be creative in your approach. In order to succeed, you must always be the first in everything. You should have a unique concept that your customers can easily identify.

However, not all entrepreneurs have the same principles. Some entrepreneurs don’t hesitate to imitate leading businesses because their concepts work. Time will come there may be some people who will imitate your original concepts, and this will greatly affect your business.

3) Partners Leaving

Unless you prefer a sole proprietorship, it’s inevitable for most businesses to be established and run through partnerships. This is because business partnership offers a lot of advantages. However, it also has some disadvantages.

The problem is that you don’t know how long your partner will be working with you. There may be a chance your partner will stop having a partnership with you for unexpected reasons.

4) Clients Leaving

If you have major clients, you will tend to heavily depend on them. You will probably apply the 80-20 rule of prioritizing the 20% of your clients that deliver 80% of your projected output.

What if such 20% of your clients suddenly leave or stop conducting business with you? This will cause a financial impact to your business.

5) Feeling Lonely

Most entrepreneurs go through psychological challenges because they are prone to stress and depression. There are times you feel lonely no matter how you enjoy your business.

When this happens, your work gets affected. You feel envious of people who have the luxury of time going out with friends and family, especially if your business deprives you of freedom to dictate your schedule.

6) Business Lawsuits

Almost all companies work with lawyers because of various reasons. Sometimes, lawyers are needed to help entrepreneurs follow a complex legal process as part of a particular business operation. There are also times entrepreneurs are sued by their partners, customers, or even employees.


Nobody knows the future as nothing is permanent except change. What you assume today may not be the same in the long run.Never forget that anything can happen along the way. This is why it’s best to prepare for the least expected scenarios in business.

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